The Listening Party: @SyAriDaKid – The Ultrasound 2: The Birth + DOWNLOAD


Sy Ari Da Kid is one of my favorite upcoming artist out of Atlanta. While he is a native of New York, he has lived in Atlanta for some time now. Sy Ari Da Kid is a multi faced artist– he’s not stuck in one box and I love it! I don’t have to be in a specific mood to enjoy his music. I’ve been waiting patiently waiting for the The Ultrasound 2: The Birth. His listening party last night at the Sledge Lounge, Atlanta was great! The outpouring support from his listeners and artists was totally refreshing.

Pictured: Sy Ari Da Kid and K Camp performing his single “Popular”.

This project is everything I expected plus more, he really brings you to his world. Don’t worry about hearing about flashy cars, money, women or trap beats on every song. Sit and listen to him tell his story on his life from his perspective, he’s a realist which makes some bars a hard pill to swallow. Sy Ari Da Kid addresses the industry, his love life, his family and his passion. Sy Ari Da Kid makes the type of music that helps one through their day, he makes me proud to be a fan. This project is full of features from K Camp, Ari Jo, Marian Mereba, JID, Translee, Verse Simmons, Scotty ATL and more! The Ultrasound 2: The Birth was released today on Livemixtapes GO GET IT!

Download The Ultrasound 2: The Birth via Livemixtapes | Link



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