Hip-Hop Zodiac: Scorpio

Scorpio (October 23-November 22)

Scorpio is known for its off the charts freak levels but this charismatic personality is often difficult to know and likes to keep it that way. The fact that Scorpio maintains an air of secrecy only adds to the scorpion’s dangerous charm. You can usually pick them out in a room by their mysterious demeanor and affinity for wearing red/black. If not completely batshit crazy they are introverted and emo-ish. This is a highly intuitive personality that understands other people very well, instinctively picking up on any feelings they try to hide. These are some intense people and feel emotions mad deeply. This passionate sign may also be prone to jealousy and suspicions. They are deep, dark, introspective characters. Very much concerned with life, death, and the meaning of it all. They may have a weird way of showing it, but no sign feels love/hate as deep as a Scorpio.

Khia (November 8) was inducted into the freak ho hall of fame with her classic, “My Neck, My Back.”

Scarface (November 9) also put out one of the naughtiest videos with “High Note” (warning: pornographic material, NSFW)

Fellow Geto Boy, Willie D, (November 1) is also known for his provocative lyrics. He later became a positive force and philanthropist in his community and is now asked to give talks and schools and universities.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard (November 15) The late, forever legendary, Wu Tang Clan member showed his Scorpio qualities not only through his music but his life as well. Though an unforgettable, straightforward, and goofy personality; his life was tragically dark. R.I.P.

Mike D (November 20) and Ad-Rock (October 31) of the Beastie Boys both brought their dark, crazy Scorpio side to this legendary group. (R.I.P. MCA)

Nelly (November 2) Who could forget the classic, “Tip Drill?” This sexual deviant/philanthropist (runs a non-profit for bone marrow transplant education, Scorpios have hearts too, contrary to popular belief) is a Scorpio through and through.

Drake (October 24) Y’all already know Aubrey stay saying what all the ladies want to hear all whilst having them deep Drake thoughts, he even wrote a song about it “A Scorpio’s Mind.”

Frank Ocean (October 28) Sweet, sensitive, smart and always experimenting. Kid has Scorpio written all over him.

B.O.B. (November 15) Born the same day as ODB, this Atlanta rapper illustrates his angsty and creative Scorpio-ness through his rock and alternative influences.

U-God (November 11) the other November baby of the Wu Tang Clan. He’s so Scorpio, even his voice is deep.

Pharaohe Monch (October 31) This intellectual rapper is known for his complex, intelligent lyrics. You can definitely tell he’s one of them thinking types. He even references his sign in “Behind Closed Doors” (“What is a Scorpion? An animal that stings”).

Ciara (October 25) only a multi-talented Scorpio like herself could put out a song like “Body Party” that just came out this month. It’s a sexy one too. Album out in June!

Hip-Hop Zodiac: Libra

Libra (September 23-October 22)

The star sign Libra just exudes class and beauty. Librans embody refinement and have an eye (and ear) for aesthetics and a real appreciation for nice things and good-looking people. Their gift of gab makes them flirty and seductive while also gentle and peace loving. They are insanely, hopelessly, romantic to the point they almost feel incomplete without a significant other. They often go from one extreme to another trying to find the balance they so desire.

Librans are without a doubt one of the most eloquent signs of the zodiac, their skill with words is undeniable as verbally illustrated by the likes of Black Thought, Talib Kweli, and hell, regardless of how you feel about Lil Wayne, he must be credited with coming up with some creative wordplay too.  Eminem is, by far, one of the greatest lyricists of our time, expertly articulating his personal problems and emotions through vivid storytelling. You know Keyshia Cole lets us know exactly what she’s feeling through the honesty in her music and trap star Jeezy’s Libran air just demands respect.

Their charm is unparalleled. Ne-Yo and T.I. clearly have no problem in the charisma department. listen to Ne-Yo’s new track “Don’t Make Em Like You” ft. Wiz Khalifa and fellow Libran duo “Ball” T.I. ft. Lil Wayne.

Even without heavily relying on words, Flying Lotus reveals his romantic Libran qualities with Until the Quiet Comes, a must-listen album that elicits emotions through soul massaging sounds and sensations and jazzy, occult rhythms.

Let’s take a minute to wish these captivating and intellectual lovers of love a Happy Birthday!!

Santigold (September 25)
BlackThought (October 3)
TalibKweli (October 3)
FlyingLotus (October 7)
MC Lyte (October 11)
YoungJeezy (October 12)
Keyshia Cole (October 15)
Eminem (October 17)
Ne-Yo (October 18)
Ashanti (October 13)
Lil Wayne (September 27)
TI (September 25)