Kawhi Leonard & Nipsey Hussle Appear In #BoldLikeKawhi Ad For Air Jordan x Foot Locker

Next Tuesday, a day after Christmas, the Air Jordan 1 Gatorade Pack with be released in 4 different colorways. While Nipsey’s music is all through the ad, Kawhi shows a different side a lot of people aren’t aware of (he’s known for being a mute). Check out the video above & be sure to check your local Foot Locker to try to get a pair.

Photo Credit: Foot Locker / Instagram

Jadakiss & Fabolous Speak On LeBron James Calling Himself The King Of New York

Freddy & Jason are making rounds now that Friday On Elm Street has been out for a week. Jada wasn’t trippin’, he was more on the Knicks’ head for not keeping the big lead they had while Fab states it was a social (media) moment.

Photo Credit: First Take / Instagram

Paul Pierce Interviews Gordon Hayward On Tragic Injury

From long time Celtic to new Celtic, The Truth & Mr. Hayward have a sit down on the thought process during the nasty leg injury. For those who don’t know, a couple of minutes in the season opener, Hayward went up for an oop & landed all wrong. While the contenders instantly went quiet, the Celtics are now riding a 10-game winning streak.

Photo Credit: Gordon Hayward / Instagram

Rachel Nichols Gets Exclusive Interview With LeBron James & Dwyane Wade

We’re officially hours away from the season opener. Kyrie comes back to Cleveland then CP3 & James Harden take on the Warriors. Before that comes upon us, check out the exclusive interview Rachel Nichols did with the reunited LeBron & D-Wade.

Photo Credit: Rachel Nichols / Instagram 

Aaron Rodgers Could Be Out For The Season

As if the NFL wasn’t struggle as is, go ahead & add this fuel to the fire. Halfway through the first quarter, Rodgers get tackled with his throwing shoulder going into the ground. Now, UCLA’s Brett Hundley is now taking over at the QB position. For those who have been annoyed with what’s been going on the past 2 seasons, be prepared to hear more about it even longer.

Photo Credit: Aaron Rodgers / Instagram

NBA Curates Career Crossovers For Derrick Rose On Behalf Of His Birthday


D-Rose is one of the nastiest point guards I’ve ever seen. The sad thing about it is once he messed up his knee back in 2012, he was never the same. Every season after that, seems he was back in action then the knee would get hurt again. That caused him to end up being with the Knicks for the past few seasons & now he’s with the Cavs. Take a look at the top 10 crossovers as a reminder of could’ve been if he never messed his knee up.

Photo Credit: Cavs / Instagram

Stephen A. Smith Isn’t Falling For The Change Made To The NBA All-Star Game


Yesterday, there was a change made to the NBA All-Star game by it no longer being East vs. West, it will be two captains picking their teammates. Here’s how it works: The top 2 players who get the most votes will be captains & pick their teammates. With that being said, imagine Russell Westbrook not having a choice but to end up picking KD or LeBron & Kyrie Irving being on the same team. Today, Stephen A. Smith isn’t falling for the okie doke. Do you agree?


Photo Credit: Stephen A. Smith / Instagram

Carmelo Anthony’s Officially With The Thunder At Press Conference


Today is NBA Media Day & Hoodie Melo is now officially with the OKC Thunder. The Thunder’s starting 5 look REALLY good on paper. Let’s see how it goes come October. Where do y’all think the Thunder will rank in the West/league? Also, the M13 colorways are going to be DOPE!

Photo Credit: Carmelo Anthony / Instagram

Kyrie Irving Speaks On LeBron James/Cavs Situation

Free agnecy is one of the most exciting things to happen during the summer. Something that took a complete 360 was when reports came that Kyrie Irving requested to be traded. A little over a month later, talks picked up & Kyrie got what he asked for, be traded. Now, he’s on the Celtics roster & he sits down & tells his side of the story.


Photo Credit: News5Cleveland.com

Lil Wayne Gives Thoughts On Kyrie/LeBron Situation & Being A Packers Fan On ‘UNDISPUTED’


Lil Wayne is well-known for being a sports fanatic, outside of Hip Hop of course. He makes another visit to his best friend’s (Skip Bayless) UNDISPUTED. He speaks on Kyrie Irving being a “grown man” for making the trade request & why the Packers will beat the Falcons, along with how he became a Packers fan other than being a Saints fan.



Photo Credit: undisputedfs1 / Instagram