1520 Sedgwick Avenue, The Bronx, New York City, NY is credited with being the birthplace of hip-hop circa the early 1970s and don’t you forget it. The rich history of hip-hop drives us and serves as a reminder of the purpose of hip-hop. We are here to honor our hip-hop elders and strive to raise our hip-hop children right: with knowledge and passion for this evolving art.

1520 Culture is not just another hip-hop blog website.  We are with the hip-hop movement, along with the culture as hip-hop expands its way to being a part of Americana.

First of all, we are fans just like many readers, viewers and listeners.

Things that are posted are our own thoughts and opinions. So don’t be surprised when you see a post that you disagree with, because even we, the bloggers, often disagree amongst ourselves. Different views are celebrated here and make for compelling discourse.

The site is dedicated to hip-hop heads, as well as artists.


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