The Music: @BeatKingKong “Ebola Freestyle”

Amidst the current infectious disease panic, Houston rapper, BeatKing employs choice samples to drop one of the funniest freestyles out right now. BeatKing a fool for this but also attesting to the fact that if you can’t see the humor in dark situations, “you legally blind”.

If you want more BeatKing be sure to cop that ‘Underground Cassette Tape Music’ collaborative mixtape with Gangsta Boo which comes out TOMORROW October 7.

Fellow jokesters Danny Brown and RiFF RAFF make an appearance for “Rambunctious”

Check it out, #PimpSquadBaby #HoldItDiiine

The Funny: Utah Man Poses as Macklemore

A Utah resident, Andrew Hinds, poses as Macklemore. This video is hilarious, because fans, a media outlet, even the venue’s security got tricked. I think if I was one of those fan, and took a picture with the poser, and seen this video, I’d be a little ticked off. It’s all laugh and giggles on here though. I guess if you’re a white male with a under-shave hair cut, a hoodie on, and some cool shades, you could be Macklemore too. Check out the video below.

“What Every Hip-Hop Head Wishes They Had As a Child” Rap Coloring Books and Lullabies

Houston legend, and half of rap duo UGK (R.I.P. Pimp C), rapper Bun B has teamed up with Shea Serrano to put out this educational and hilarious 48-page rap activity book. Here’s what they had to say about this deliciously cultural, whimsical, and much-needed project:

“Kids shouldn’t listen to rap music and definitely shouldn’t listen to the rappers that we (include). There was, however, a conscious effort made to keep the book, unlike the Tumblr, which occasionally incorporates some raunchier themes, completely clean — there is no cursing or middle fingers — so that it is not inappropriate for children. If it lands in a kid’s lap, then cool; he’s going to like it, but we’re kind of making this for rap fans.”

This masterpiece features likenesses and interesting tid-bits of all the big names in hip-hop in the form of color-by-the-numbers, connect-the-dots, rap mad libs, etc. Activities range from drawing in Drake’s eyebrows to creating the title of the next Plies hit.

drake eyebrows

nicki numbers
ice cube mad libs
juicy j crayons

I know what every member of my family, closest friends, neighbor, mailman, family physician, pastor, and rabbi are getting for Christmas this year. Order yours here.

And while we’re on the topic of excellent parenting, treat your hip-hop young’ns to some of the smoothest hip-hop instrumentals in lullaby form. Just the perfect balance of soothing dopeness and recognizable classics. Perfect to listen to while studying or coloring a rap coloring book. You gotta listen, it’s just too cute.

Once Upon a Rhyme: Lullaby Renditions of Hip-hop Classics

Kanye’s “Gone”…. Eight Years Later


Eight years after the release of Late Registration, “Gone” is now just receiving its light.  “Gone,” off of Kanye West’s sophomore album debuts on Billboard’s Hot 100 this week at No. 18, after a YouTube video of a girl quitting her job went viral.

Marina Shifrin, who was a producer for New Media Animation, resigned her position through an interpretive dance video, in which she explains her resignation. (Peep the video on the bottom.)  Since then, not only has she’s received offers on jobs, including a staff position at The Queen Latifah Show.

According to Billboard, “Gone” concurrently debuts on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs at No. 6 and Rap Songs at No. 4.  (Per Billboard policy, songs showing renewed activity past their initial release cycles are eligible to chart if ranking in the top half of the Hot 100 and genre hybrid rankings.)

No need for new rules huh?  Somethings are gone, but some will never be long “Gone.”