Music Submission: Trendz Morrison – “Blizzard”

Trendz Morrison grew up in Miami, but currently based in Atlanta, GA.  He has a power packed flow that has to really be listened to carefully to be appreciated.  And it’s no wonder why his lyrics pack a punch, he is said to have studied the greats like Biggie, Tupac, Nas and even Mos Def.  Growing up, he learned how how to bridge the gap between music and emotion.  Later, that would push him to turn his hobby of rapping into a profession.  Music is a creative language to him, which is spoken well with messages incorporated in every verse. Check out “Blizzard” and tell us what you think!


Media via Trendz Morrison

Artist Watch: J Gray

This is a artist out of Greenville, SC/Atlanta, GA. His name is Gray and he has some new tracks out. He has been getting a lot of love lately and has plenty of artists trying to work with him. He is on a independent label which is 8th Wonder Records. Check out his new teaser video for the single “Don’t Mind Me” Follow him on Twitter @Flyshyt_Inc

Artist Watch: Skewby

Skewby, up-and-coming hip hop artiste hailing from Memphis, TN, gets down with his music.  I am intrigued by his art of musical story telling through which he discusses his life, family, and more.  I had the opportunity to interview him and ask him about being from Memphis, his influences, and who he thinks is hot right now.  His sincerity as an artist directly mirrors him as a person.  I felt as if there was no facade or fake persona and having a genuine personality catches listener’s ears. That’s how artists win hearts.

Little did I know, Skewby’s roots are from the same state in which I reside, South Carolina.   He was born in good ole Charleston, SC.  Coincidentally, my friend DJ R Dot, who introduced me to Skewby’s music lives in Charleston as well.  Skewby may live in the South but his sound is quite the contrary.  Every time I listen to Skewby’s music, I compare him to artists in the Midwest, especially rappers from Chicago.  Don’t get me wrong, he represents Memphis to the fullest even though he’s not with the southern gangster rap or “trap music.”  In my interview with Skewby, I told him that one quality of a Southern rapper that he holds: the ability of articulation through the art of storytelling.

Skewby is definitely unsigned hype.  He released Humble Pie earlier this year and is working on an EP he plans to release before the end of the year.  Just because he’s unsigned doesn’t mean he hasn’t been around the way.  Skewby isn’t just another rapper, he’s also a producer.  He’s produced for artists like Short Dawg and Pimp C.  According to his artist page on Facebook,

His first big break came from MTV when he performed during MTV Spring Break 2009. He went on to hook up with DJ Crumbz and headline the Red Bull Southern College Tour. In 2010, Skewby kicked off a whirlwind year by opening for the Lil Wayne Farewell Tour before performing in the 2010 Dub Car Show Tour and A3C Music Festival. While Skewby introduced the country to his movement, his hometown selected him as one of the top 20 performance artists in the Bluff City and #1 artist in the rap category (Memphis Chamber Magazine, 2009). In 2010, he was honored in various national magazines and news publications, including The Memphis Flyer, The Commercial Appeal, Concrete Magazine, and the Source Magazine.

I’m really excited for what Skewby has in store for his fans.  Please note that this interview is dedicated to them.  I really wanted to ask out of the norm questions.  Also note that this is my first time doing an interview since 2010, so the audio has a lot of “ums”, “likes”, and incomplete thoughts. (I honestly tried to chop it, and re-record, but my voice is hoarse, and it didn’t match up with the audio, so I kept it as it is).  Shout out to his puppy Niko, he’s featured in the interview.  You can catch him on the ” Chillin’ ” video.  I previously posted his song, “You Never Know,” a few weeks ago.  I’ve wanted to interview Skewby for two years now and, finally, here it is. It’s lengthy, but enjoy. For more information about Skewby, go to his website: It has the links to all his social media networks, as well as his music links.

Earlier, I mentioned his video ” Chillin’,” watch it and see how cute Niko is, and of course to listen to a track from his latest project, Humble Pie.