The Review: The Great American Mattress Sale – Big SANT

The Great American Mattress Sale (DJ Breakemoff, DJ Dub Floyd)

Features: (Including) Big Pooh, Paul Wall, Delorean, Big K.R.I.T., Killa Kyleon, Scotty ATL, Phonte, Tito Lopez, Young P.O., King Mez

Production: (Including) KREATEV,Big K.R.I.T., David Banner, Burn One, Cory Mo

In case you hadn’t noticed, niggas from the South can, and do rap. You would have had to have been living on another planet to not have noticed. If you hadn’t noticed, here is another example. As an added bonus, the ones with the most to say are going to keep firing on you non-believers until you see and respect it.  Rapper Big Sant has released The Great American Mattress Sale mixtape and I am still getting my thoughts together after hearing it for the first few times and being impressed.  Sant knows that people sleep on him and his ability as a lyricist. It seems like when underestimation is a factor, it tends to bring out the best in people. Some of his longtime supporters have been urging the rest to pay attention but they are too busy spending money and time on clichés that have no longevity in all honesty that real hip hop usually flies right over their heads. I have said it before, and I will say the shit again. Big Sant is no hypeman. When he does perform with K.R.I.T, he holds him down with all the humility and support in the world, but he is his own artist. But again, if you have been paying attention, you should have realized that by now. The content and the lyricism are there. To me, this project goes harder than the last one MFxOG (October 2012); it seems to have a little more edge to it; with freestyles and remixes in addition to new original material. Songs like “Frenemy” tackle our all too familiar associates who appear to want the best for us but secretly want the very opposite.  We have all been there.  In all honesty,sounds to me like Sant isn’t here for your disrespect of his skills.   With 25 tracks on this project (which includes hilarious conceptual interludes), you are bound to nod your head for at least 80% of the time. Oh yes. I am being real. I was expecting solid. This is better than solid. With features from Phonte, Big Pooh, fellow Mississippi emcee Tito Lopez, Delorean, and of course the triple-threat himself Big KRIT, this project is a definite must listen. Of course, he holds his own on each track; and in doing so proves that his lyrical ability is not to be looked over or minimized.  He is seemingly out to set himself apart from his counterparts and with this mixtape in the arsenal, he has definitely done that.



The Great American Mattress Sale: Listen/Download

MFxOG: Listen/Download

The Show: Big Boi’s “Shoes for Running” Tour

Big Boi has nothing to prove to any of us . He’s been at the top. He’s seen success and notoriety. He is still in most circles widely regarded as one of the best. And he’s still working. He’s still touring and moving like he just got started. The “Shoes for Running” tour touched down in Atlanta on September 20th, 2013 and was very well worth the three month postponement due to Big Boi’s knee injury.

I am going to be completely honest I don’t too much like to go to the Masquerade anymore. It’s got to be someone’s cash cow. It’s usually so unorganized at the ticket booths, they never have enough parking, it’s always hot as the fuck in there, and almost always I end up having to cuss someone out for some rude ass fuck shit behavior. Nevertheless, I always leave full. Even the opening acts for this show were solid for the most part. The multi-talented Forte Bowie was among the opening acts; ripping the stage apart like it was his last chance to perform indefinitely. To witness the genius that is Killer Mike is always a luxury; as he goes through each song meticulously and delicately; plugging his new rap group Run The Jewels, explaining Reaganomics and how he feels Obama relates, and ending his set with a sermon of sorts; reflecting on the life path he chose and why it’s the best path. Right on Michael. I’m a fan.  Keep calm.

Antwan Patton has to know that the TRUE fans haven’t forgotten how charismatic and electrifying he is onstage. There is a ‘throne’ put in place minutes before he graces the stage; giving him the option to sit and rest a healing knee as he performs; which is still in a brace.  With two solid solo albums, along with all of his Outkast classics, there was plenty of rocking to be done. Sleepy Brown held him down; performing Outkast songs with him as well as his own classic song “I Can’t Wait.” Big Boi’s youngest son Cross held him down; taking full advantage of the beat break/Patti Labelle vocal sample on GhettoMuzik to showcase his dancing skills as his daddy cheered him on.  Keisha Jackson, the daughter of the legendary Millie Jackson held him down, as Big Boi told her to “sing that shit..” while she backed him up and rocked the crowd like a pro. As he took us through old and new songs, I sometimes found myself getting lost in the huge flat screen above the stage showing video footage of the Outkast we knew then. Smiling, laughing, so smooth, so DOPE. Of course it created a nostalgic feeling. What has become of hip hop music post Outkast? Has it flourished? Or are us die-hard fans still hoping, wanting a reunion from the duo that is indefinitely on “hiatus?” Yes, I was thinking about Andre Benjamin at this show; how much I and my homie would have gotten our lives if he strolled from backstage and started crooning in his falsetto; or; started spitting classic verses; like his verse from Bombs Over Baghdad. But that didn’t too much happen at all. Meanwhile, I was about to faint. I am not gonna lie. I held out as long as I could but it was hotter then what the fuck in there. I had to go sit down; which pissed me off. But I got everything I needed. No one onstage knew where Dre was; and they admitted that they really had hoped he could be there as the Masquerade served as one of the stages they rocked as teenagers gaining their footing as artists. And even though for them to come together if only for a night on that same stage would have been epic, it didn’t happen. I wouldn’t be a true Outkast fanatic if I didn’t long for this reunion. Their impact as a duo will never be duplicated or erased.  And yet, we press forward – with Big Boi to remind us how he got here; and why he has no plans of stopping.  We see and we salute you, General Patton.



The Review: Kanye West’s “Yeezus”

I don’t know where to begin. A month ago, it was said that Kanye had a private listening party, so basically, his album was finished. Really?! No single, video, nothing. You’re just going to put it out there on June 18th with no pre-order either?! WHAT!!!! Looks like he’s taking back to the essence to when people actually purchased music out of local stores. I liked the plan that he provided. This is a smart tactic because Ye’s at that stage to where anything he drops, will be highly anticipated & paid attention to. First, he projects (yes, you read that right) “New Slaves” across the COUNTRY & then follows up his week with performing at the season finale of Saturday Night Live with “New Slaves” & “Black Skinhead”. About 2 weeks after, on a sunny Friday, Yeezus leaks. What’s funny about that is that people counted him out, yet, made a couple of websites crash. There were a lot of mixed signals, some people felt it but seemed like more weren’t feeling it whatsoever. I get it, it doesn’t sound like the “old” Kanye, right?! People steadily crying that they want to hear the College Dropout Kanye, for what?! Those same people are crying music artist to be “different”. Well, you got it. This work is acceptable to those who cry wolf. Let’s start off with the lead song “On Sight”. Definitely something I didn’t expect at all. It sounds like something that needs to be played in clubs in California while having glow sticks in your hands, raving while acid or some shit. Daft Punk worked on some of these tracks so that explains the sound. Then, he takes the route of the album straight to the world of Rock with a song like “Black Skinhead,” while Ye is being a rebel. Some exciting things about the album were the features such as Frank Ocean, Kid CuDi, Chief Keef, King L, Charlie Wilson & Justin Vernon. A shock factor, you could actually understand what the fuck Chief Keef was saying on “Hold My Liquor”. My only complaint about the album is the way the songs were put together. The songs didn’t blend from track to track. It’s like Kanye just threw the songs out & said “Okay, this is the track list.” A lot people were mad that there were only 10 songs, actually, it was supposed to be 9 but Def Jam weren’t having all that. All in all, it doesn’t compare to his other albums whatsoever, definitely had better work than this. Hell, I can probably say that 808s & Heartbreak could have been slightly better. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. Just expect this, he’s being a rebel with the album, he’s expand in sound, so don’t be expecting “Hip Hop” or anything to that nature. Just expect a lot of yelling, short songs, sound effects & such. I can say thing, for the people stuck in the College Dropout world, y’all will enjoy “Bound 2” that’s featuring Charlie Wilson, which is my favorite song. Another that comes close is “Blood On The Leaves” & “Send It Up,” which is the song with King L that can definitely ring off in the clubs. When it’s all said & done, when it comes to music, Ye’s going to do whatever the fuck he wants too; & this album proves it. I enjoyed it, maybe you should too. But hey, who I am to tell what to & what not to like?! Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

P.S. Def Jam is hunting down the person that leaked the album. I wonder how that’s going to play out.

The Mixtape Review: City Charm -Flo’ Jo


Download: Flo’ Jo – City Charm 

HELLO, is this thing on? Before I get going raving about this awesome mixtape called City Charm, if you came here simply for the link to some dope underground hip-hop that is posted above so that you can get your fix quickly. For those of you that need a little convincing or simply care about my opinion on the music this is for YOU! City Charm was composed by an artist named Flo’ Jo from Baltimore, I introduced him to you a couple of weeks ago. The mixtape officially dropped April 18th and is currently available for FREE download on, best of all it’s sponsored so you don’t even need an account.

Now for the review, I’d like you to keep in mind that it was only 8 days prior to the release that my favorite rapper BIG KRIT dropped his newest mixtape King Remembered in Time. If you’re like me, when your favorite artist drops music you pretty much drop everything and zone out to the new jams. I pretty much immerse myself completely into the music and it’s hard to pry me away. Because I am such a huge fan of Flo’ Jo, I peeled myself out of my Krizzle zone to check out his tape. My first listen was beginning to end, no skips or pauses, I just wanted to take it all in. I was absolutely blown away by a couple of things, one that I didn’t skip any songs (that’s very rare), and two, that I immediately wanted to listen again. One of the hardest things to find in music right now is a refreshing sound, something not like anything you’ve heard but it intrigues you and you want more. This mixtape provides just that, Flo’ Jo doesn’t sound like anyone but himself and he gives you the opportunity to enter his world and grasp things from his perspective. When you listen to this tape you can feel that he put his heart and soul into it, that’s what will make you a fan, understanding his “Aura” as he expresses it. You hear about his struggles he deals with in life and with music. We all know being an underground artist is not easy, there are plenty of times you want to quit and many obstacles that stand in your way. What I love most is that City Charm reassures us that Flo’ Jo won’t let anything stop him from living out his dreams and feeding the people great music. Whatever your goals are this is definitely considered motivation music. The “Cool Blu” relaxed approach to many of the tracks allows you to just chill and enjoy the flow, sometimes you just want those jams that you can ride to. There is a very good balance of thought provoking, chill, and turn up music on the mixtape.  The beat selection can’t go without being mentioned, it takes time for an artist to learn and understand their style enough to choose production that gels with their voice. When listening you will notice how the entire project gels together smoothly to compliment his Baltimorean style. Bottom line if you love great underground hip-hop music, this download is a no brainer it embodies everything a listener could possibly want and much more. Thanks for reading now go download!



Extras from dOKE!

Favorite track: My Farewell prod. by Enisco

Favorite beat: Back On It prod. by 5 Star Productions

The Post: Snoop Lion – “Reincarnated” Album Review

I really don’t know where to begin. This really hurts my heart to do this to a legend. Snoop Dogg Lion just basically wasted his time (to the fans) for something like this. It’s one of those “I’m trying to be different.” or “I’m trying to prove that I’m different.” type things. This was something I wasn’t anticipated for but damn it man. It took A LOT out of me to listen (to the deluxe edition at that) 57 minutes & 36 seconds of music that I couldn’t stomach. Now, I’m not big on Reggae music but I also know what is/isn’t trash (for the most part). Even with features like Drake, Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes & Miley Cyrus *cough* it didn’t help. I will NOT be playing this ever again. From a 1 to 10 scale, it definitely gets a 2, & that’s just me being generous. Okay, maybe a 3, but no more than a 5. Hang up the Lion & bring back the Dogg. You owe it to the people who’ve been ridin’ for you since the 90’s.

The Album Review: MGK – Lace Up

I remember hearing about dude through my (youngest) brother. From what I heard, I couldn’t vibe with him. Till this day, he’s hit & miss with me still. But I can say this, he might have broken the Bad Boy curse. He got signed maybe a year & a half ago. Tons of people (fake critics) said that was the worst decision him (better yet any rapper) could ever make in life. He dropped the Half Naked & Almost Famous EP as an appetizer not too long ago. & now, the official tissue. As far as this goes, it was like one of his mixtapes. For it to be his debut, he didn’t want to show his talents dolo. It was feature heavy, from Bun B to DMX to Tech N9ne to Jeezy (just to name a few). He should’ve went the Kendrick Lamar route, but what do I know. Only 1 song that stood out to me, “Lace Up” featuring Lil Jon. I can say this, he was actually talking about something. A lot of pain, family, friends, being homeless, etc. Outside of that, it’ll get no burn in my deck. If you get the deluxe version (from me or iTunes), that joint with Jeezy went hard as well. All in all, it gets a 2.5 out of 5 from me. & that’s me being nice.