The Music: @BeatKingKong “Ebola Freestyle”

Amidst the current infectious disease panic, Houston rapper, BeatKing employs choice samples to drop one of the funniest freestyles out right now. BeatKing a fool for this but also attesting to the fact that if you can’t see the humor in dark situations, “you legally blind”.

If you want more BeatKing be sure to cop that ‘Underground Cassette Tape Music’ collaborative mixtape with Gangsta Boo which comes out TOMORROW October 7.

Fellow jokesters Danny Brown and RiFF RAFF make an appearance for “Rambunctious”

Check it out, #PimpSquadBaby #HoldItDiiine

The Submission: Bad Impression – @thatkidcammusic @sosotopic (Prod. @J_Rhodes)

Submissions like these really bring me back to why 1520 was created, to uplift the underground. These artists are representing Dallas, Texas, at first listen you can hear that they are simply interested in being themselves and creating music true to them. I LOVE that, so many artists don’t know how to be themselves, instead they attempt be like other artists or sound like what they think will sell. That’s pretty much what this song is about, paired with a nice beat and great word play makes this a nice track and I’m excited to hear more. Thanks for the submission guys!


The Music: Flawless (Remix) – Beyonce Featuring Nicki Minaj

So the rumors were true, and I am elated.  Beyonce just released the remix to Flawless featuring Nicki Minaj and it’s……..outstanding.  Both Nicki and Beyonce Gisele  have words for you…..ladies and gentleman.  Click the link. It’s for the best.


Flawless (Remix) Featuring Nicki Minaj

New Video: Jugg Money – “Money Keep Callin”


It’s said that the good die young.  In the memory of Jugg Money, an official video for his song “Money Keep Callin” has been released.  As a fellow South Carolinian, I believe in supporting local talent.  It’s crazy, because this song is played everywhere from the clubs to the radio.  Justice will be served.