The Music: Phoenix Martins – “Sideways”


Download: Phoenix Martins – “Sideways” | Link

Today Phoenix Martins releases her follow-up single, “Sideways” to her debut single, “Heart Strings.”  Her latest single, “Sideways,” captivates how life moves.  Her sound cannot compare to other artists I’m currently listening to, her voice is compelling, and I just want to go in depth with her unique voice.  This girl has no problem with showing the world that she has SOUL.  I cannot stop listening to these two tracks, and looking forward to hear her future projects.

“Sideways” is produced and written by Phoenix Martins, Joe Fields and Nick Carter.

See what others have said about Phoenix Martins:

“soak in her velvety voice.”

“The Nigerian born, East London resident cranks her caramel slick vocals up to slinky levels scantly heard since those UK garage soulsters of old, Sweet Female Attitude and Shola Ama first roamed the charts.”

“Her songwriting evokes situations everyone has to deal with throughout life and explores love in the most positive and negative contexts.”

“If the video for her debut track ‘Heart Strings’ is anything to go by, she’s aiming to be the whole package too – creative direction, vocal accomplishment and all.”

Check out the video for her debut single,  “Heart Strings.”

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