N*E*R*D’s NBA All-Star Halftime Performance

Chad, Shae & Pharrell bring back some nostalgia as they perform during the 2018 NBA All-Star game. They start off with “Lapdance” & then go into some new stuff from their recent No_One Ever Really Dies & THEN get into some new stuff Pharrell did with Migos. Check it out. Side Note: The game itself was more competitive than it’s ever been. This format might stick around for a few more seasons.

Photo Credit: N.E.R.D. / Instagram

Go Behind The Scenes With Migos & TNT For “Stir Fry”

Migos have collected a lot of success from over the years & it just keeps on coming. With that being said, Migos’ “Stir Fry” is the official song for the NBA All-Star Game 2018 that will be in Los Angeles. Check out the process of what went down. Also, take a listen to the song below, produced by Pharrell.

Photo Credit: Offset / Instagram

Paul Pierce Interviews Gordon Hayward On Tragic Injury

From long time Celtic to new Celtic, The Truth & Mr. Hayward have a sit down on the thought process during the nasty leg injury. For those who don’t know, a couple of minutes in the season opener, Hayward went up for an oop & landed all wrong. While the contenders instantly went quiet, the Celtics are now riding a 10-game winning streak.

Photo Credit: Gordon Hayward / Instagram

NBA Curates Career Crossovers For Derrick Rose On Behalf Of His Birthday


D-Rose is one of the nastiest point guards I’ve ever seen. The sad thing about it is once he messed up his knee back in 2012, he was never the same. Every season after that, seems he was back in action then the knee would get hurt again. That caused him to end up being with the Knicks for the past few seasons & now he’s with the Cavs. Take a look at the top 10 crossovers as a reminder of could’ve been if he never messed his knee up.

Photo Credit: Cavs / Instagram

Stephen A. Smith Isn’t Falling For The Change Made To The NBA All-Star Game


Yesterday, there was a change made to the NBA All-Star game by it no longer being East vs. West, it will be two captains picking their teammates. Here’s how it works: The top 2 players who get the most votes will be captains & pick their teammates. With that being said, imagine Russell Westbrook not having a choice but to end up picking KD or LeBron & Kyrie Irving being on the same team. Today, Stephen A. Smith isn’t falling for the okie doke. Do you agree?


Photo Credit: Stephen A. Smith / Instagram

Carmelo Anthony’s Officially With The Thunder At Press Conference


Today is NBA Media Day & Hoodie Melo is now officially with the OKC Thunder. The Thunder’s starting 5 look REALLY good on paper. Let’s see how it goes come October. Where do y’all think the Thunder will rank in the West/league? Also, the M13 colorways are going to be DOPE!

Photo Credit: Carmelo Anthony / Instagram

Kyrie Irving Speaks On LeBron James/Cavs Situation

Free agnecy is one of the most exciting things to happen during the summer. Something that took a complete 360 was when reports came that Kyrie Irving requested to be traded. A little over a month later, talks picked up & Kyrie got what he asked for, be traded. Now, he’s on the Celtics roster & he sits down & tells his side of the story.


Photo Credit: News5Cleveland.com

NBA Creates Career Mixtape For Tracy McGrady


Celebrating T-Mac’s induction into the NBA’s Hall Of Fame, the NBA gives people a reminder of what he did in the league. I enjoyed watching T-Mac the most when he played for the Rockets & Magic. I really didn’t remember as much when he first played for the Raptors. I’m STILL hurt to this day that he was super close to getting a ring with the Spurs. This is a clear reminder of what multiple injuries could do to an athlete at his caliber.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

The News: Dwyane Wade Gave Gabrielle Union A Heat Championship Ring


Two championships since they have been together and two championship rings that Gabrielle Union gets to sport along with her man Dwyane Wade. This isn’t the first year that D. Wade has gotten a championship ring for Ms. Union but the real question is when is she going to receive the wedding ring? Only time will tell but until then Wade and The Heat are working on winning three straight championships.