Ray J Visits ‘Everyday Struggle’ To Speak On Everything You Could Think Of


The young legend comes to have a sit down to speak on his business mind, Kevin Hart’s situation, the world renowned rant on The Breakfast Club & more. Ray J always comes through with the entertaining interviews, whenever he decides to do them.


Photo Credit: Ray J / Instagram

NORE Tells Historical Rap Stories, Speaks On Podcast Battles & More With Everyday Struggle


N.O.R.E. gives some of the best interviews, period. I enjoy the visuals because he’s so animated. He always tells the best stories as well. Check out what else the rapper had to say, especially about the generation gap in Hip Hop.


Photo Credit: Noreaga / Instagram

Kaytranada Speaks On His Musical Beginnings & Finally Sharing His Music


Kaytranada has definitely been making his rounds for a few years now. I would say for the last 2 years, he’s really been on fire! He’s more known for making edits to other songs from artists such as TLCSolange & Latrelle just to name a few. Take a listen to his sit down as he breaks down periods in his life from family to being a producer. For those who have been sleep, check out his album 99.9%.

Photo Credit: Kaytranada / Instagram