A Brand New Wave


Hello to all my fashionistas/fashionistos (men, I promise not to forget about you)

1520 is starting a brand new wave, especially when it comes to fashion.

New writer- Deja Vaughn will be taking over and writing articles on the latest trends, fashion faux pas, and how music influences fashion.

YES, I’m talking the best of the best and even the worst of the worst.

Who wore it best?

Who has started the latest trend?

What’s on the run way?

How to rock the color of the year?

Black fashion looks of the day

Fashion Polls


I’ll even give you the scope on locals who’s influencing fashion around your area and local brands that are handling their own clothing lines because one things for sure: buying local and buying black helps our people.

Let’s build a community that really helps people out there by focusing on equality, ethical clothing labels, and helping young people form healthier opinions about their body and sources of self-esteem.

Let’s create the wave and enjoy the ride.

Stay Postive,







Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/a4/45/a6/a445a60463db3d4b4d29285d95a80ffe–c-hair-african-style.jpg


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