The Discussion: The Past, The Present, and Beyond

And now what you all have been waiting forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr THE DISCUSSION! I appreciate everyone that has reached out asking about when we were gonna drop this. I am thankful for your patience. Due to a couple of technical difficulties and other issues, it took us a minute to get things right BUT it’s finally here. This whole process came along from watching Bet’s Hip Hop Awards 2013. I took to social media and expressed how I would love to have my friends sit around a table discussing hip hop today. People seen my posts on FaceBook, IG and Twitter and said I should make it happen. And in a few weeks time, we did. Doke, Mer, Eryn, Brittney, Tia, Ryan, Hill, JD thank you so much for making my vision come true. Thank you for being one hundred percent YOU and standing on your word. I appreciate you so much. Thanks to Xavier because at the last minute he really came through. I am forever grateful for you. Please watch and pass along. Feedback is always welcomed. There will be more of The Discussion panels in the future so please watch out. We can only get better. for all your Hip Hop and everyday needs. I’m out. – Taylor ❤


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