Artist Spotlight: Spillage Village ( @SpillageVillage ) – Bears Like This EP


Atlanta’s Spillage Village record label releases EP project Bears Like This. This project is a gift to hip hop, it excites me it’s so good! The lyrical content, live instruments, angelic singing is quite amazing. Spillage village includes J.I.D., EarthGang, Hollywood JB, & JordxnBryant. I appreciate each artist individual creativity. So often we listen to music that sounds like something we have already heard. This EP isn’t that. Have you been seeking some new innovative hip hop? Here’s your dose! Click link below to listen.

Artists Twitter:
J.I.D – @SlickSixJID
EarthGang – @EarthGang
Hollywood JB – @Hollywood_JB
JordxnBryant – @JordxnBryant

Spillage Village (Bandcamp) – Bears Like This EP


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