The Interview: Bizzy Crook

A3C can be overwhelming.  In a good way. It was especially overwhelming this year.  5 days, so many new artists to talk to and get to know.  During that week I was introduced to a rapper named Bizzy Crook from Miami, Florida.  He just recently released a project entitled ’84’ with features from Nelly, Estelle and others.

At what point did you know that this is what you wanted to do? Was there a turning point?

I have always been in love with music – I fell in love with music at an early age and I fell in love with rap music when I first heard it, I was about six years old and that is when I started rapping and I took it more serious as I got older.

I read in another interview that you said you would be a painter if you weren’t rapping – I thought that was an interesting choice – how did you get into painting?

I never took painting serious – what I meant was if I wasn’t an artist I would be a painter because I am in love with art and delivering my emotions through art and I feel like that is what painters do – a lot of times you can understand how a painter felt or a certain emotion – you can tell by the feel of a painting how they felt – so if I wasn’t doing music that’s what I would do – I am a quiet person and I deliver my emotions and my thoughts well through my music.

So take me into your studio process – what is it you like and don’t like in the studio while you record?

My studio process gets kind of crazy; there are a lot of people coming in and out – my studio sessions average from like 15-20 people coming in; its about the energy – its all about good energy. I like being in the studio with good people who interact and I like it when they share their thoughts on the music; I hate when people don’t talk – I don’t mind people I don’t know in the studio as long as they are interacting – I hate when people come in and they aren’t talking or interacting; then I feel like I am just being kind of watched. that’s when I kind of get people to go to the lobby area….

So you like feedback from the people who are there…

Yeah I like feedback, I like interacting, just a friendly environment.

So not a lot of girls running in and out or…?

Oh yeah they are always welcome… they have to talk though, they can’t just sit quiet.

So I know you just released a project called ’84’.  Do you think that the fans are receiving it the way you wanted them to?

Oh absolutely.  I’ve gotten a lot of new fans ; a lot of new young fans and a lot of new opportunities and doors opening from this project; and I am already in the studio working on the next project so I am glad the project is being received really well.  I get a lot of feedback and the youth are finding it really inspiring and that is just surreal to me.

How would you say that you have grown with each project that you have done?

Dramatically.  My music is a journal.  That’s how I tell my story.  So, growing up I was kind of timid, and the music is the way I always spoke out.  So in between every project its always a dramatic period of time and I grow as I go through those situations, and I could be around certain people at one time and be going through this in my life at one time and you can hear those stories through the music. So you can see the change as I grow as a person.  

What would be one thing that you love about the music industry and one thing that you hate about it? From what you have experienced?

One thing I love about the industry…you mean like making music or the industry industry?

I mean the industry industry.  I mean they both somewhat go hand in hand..

I hate the rules and the politics.  I hate how people don’t like something unless someone else likes it or they want to wait until it gets ‘hot’ instead of just listening to the music and having their own opinion on it….and then I love that there are still some good people that are promoting the culture, that are still about the music and still believe in good music and still give out opportunities and see things through from the early beginnings.

So who are your favorite musicians?  Do you listen to other music – well I am sure you do listen to other genres of music besides hip hop….

Oh yeah I listen to everything – Country, classical, all kinds of stuff.  My longtime favorite artist is Eminem.  That is the reason I rap – that is what made me decide to become a rapper.  Jay-Z, Kanye, and I listen to a lot of 80s rock like Foreigner and Heart..

I love Heart… So who would you say are your biggest inspirations and/or your biggest cheerleaders in general?

 Once again, Eminem, people like Demi Lovato – I am inspired by a lot of people who are doubted – that is what my whole movement is built on – my movement is called Good Luck – I’m pretty sure at one point in your life you told someone what you wanted to do and they told you good luck – and we ran with it. I am inspired by my fans, by fans tweeting and emailing me – saying after listening to my project they are gonna go for their dreams….

If this all ended tomorrow, what would you want people to know most about you and your music?

I would want people to know that it was all real – it was all honest.

What are you working on now?

I am kind of just everywhere. Technically I never stopped working on ’84’ until like 2 days before it came out.  The reason it took so long to come out was just because the music was just growing so fast so we kept swapping out records and my manager had to finally say stop recording new music we need to put this out. Last night was my first official night  back in the studio; I have so many records; I have probably like 4 mixtapes done but I hate holding on to old music so I don’t know if that will ever come out so I probably will start from scratch. I will probably be doing the follow up to my project ‘PS I’m Sorry 2’ called ‘PS I’m Sorry 3’, and just stashing away gems for an album.

Who are some producers that you really would want to work with?

Yeah definitely Boi 1da, we actually have been trying to make some stuff happen;  legendary –wise I would love to work with  Pharrell, Timbaland; I’ve been in the studio with Pharrell while he was working on Nelly’s stuff but I would like for him to work on some of my stuff..Just Blaze as well…

I know you have collaborated with quite a few artists but is there a specific rap artist/singer that you would want to work with?

You know I want to coll-ab with the legendary guys everybody wants to work with – Jay-Z, Kanye, Drake, then I also have people that inspire me that I would like to work with for different reasons like Demi Lovato, Trick Daddy, you know he’s from my home town, Ja Rule, Ja Rule was one of my favorite rappers coming up so definitely him…

Is there anything else that you want to tell our readers about  yourself?

You can download the new mixtape ’84’ on; share it with a friend, and look out for new music coming soon.



Bizzy Crook – ’84’

Bizzy Crook – ‘P.S. I’m Sorry 2’



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