The Music: M.I.A. “Matangi” [STREAM FULL ALBUM]


Like her, love her, hate her, or indifferent, ain’t nobody else sound like her.

Also, let’s not forget this album contains one of the dopest visuals to come out in a minute:

All my “towelheads”* stand up for “Bring the Noize:”

She also seems to be actually saying something. Bold move.

Brown girl, brown girl, turn your shit down. You know America don’t wanna hear your sound. Boom boom jungle music, go back to India. With your crazy shit, you’re bombing up the area. Looking through your Instagram, looking for a pentagram, all I see is poor people, they should be on ghetto-gram. You don’t get our underground, brofest to over-ground. Fist pump, eat ham, or even throw your dick around. Yeah you try to stick around. Do you do you bikram? Let you into Super Bowl, you tried to steal Madonna’s crown. What the fuck you on about? Think about going to France, quelle heure est-il. This ain’t time for your terror dance. Eat, pray, love, spend time in the Ashram or I’ll drone you, Kony 2012, now scram! (from “Boom Skit”)

No further words necessary.

Stream entire album below:

*Representation of different cultures and faiths is not often seen on such major pop/hip-hop platforms. Big ups to M.I.A. for featuring a Sikh (my peoples) man at the beginning of “Bring the Noize” and the diversity presented in the Moroccan desert in “Bad Girls”. This is significant. Stay cultured fam.

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