The Review: The Great American Mattress Sale – Big SANT

The Great American Mattress Sale (DJ Breakemoff, DJ Dub Floyd)

Features: (Including) Big Pooh, Paul Wall, Delorean, Big K.R.I.T., Killa Kyleon, Scotty ATL, Phonte, Tito Lopez, Young P.O., King Mez

Production: (Including) KREATEV,Big K.R.I.T., David Banner, Burn One, Cory Mo

In case you hadn’t noticed, niggas from the South can, and do rap. You would have had to have been living on another planet to not have noticed. If you hadn’t noticed, here is another example. As an added bonus, the ones with the most to say are going to keep firing on you non-believers until you see and respect it.  Rapper Big Sant has released The Great American Mattress Sale mixtape and I am still getting my thoughts together after hearing it for the first few times and being impressed.  Sant knows that people sleep on him and his ability as a lyricist. It seems like when underestimation is a factor, it tends to bring out the best in people. Some of his longtime supporters have been urging the rest to pay attention but they are too busy spending money and time on clichés that have no longevity in all honesty that real hip hop usually flies right over their heads. I have said it before, and I will say the shit again. Big Sant is no hypeman. When he does perform with K.R.I.T, he holds him down with all the humility and support in the world, but he is his own artist. But again, if you have been paying attention, you should have realized that by now. The content and the lyricism are there. To me, this project goes harder than the last one MFxOG (October 2012); it seems to have a little more edge to it; with freestyles and remixes in addition to new original material. Songs like “Frenemy” tackle our all too familiar associates who appear to want the best for us but secretly want the very opposite.  We have all been there.  In all honesty,sounds to me like Sant isn’t here for your disrespect of his skills.   With 25 tracks on this project (which includes hilarious conceptual interludes), you are bound to nod your head for at least 80% of the time. Oh yes. I am being real. I was expecting solid. This is better than solid. With features from Phonte, Big Pooh, fellow Mississippi emcee Tito Lopez, Delorean, and of course the triple-threat himself Big KRIT, this project is a definite must listen. Of course, he holds his own on each track; and in doing so proves that his lyrical ability is not to be looked over or minimized.  He is seemingly out to set himself apart from his counterparts and with this mixtape in the arsenal, he has definitely done that.



The Great American Mattress Sale: Listen/Download

MFxOG: Listen/Download

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