The Album Sales: Week Of October 27th

Drake NWTS

1) Drake— Nothing Was The Same : Drake, who celebrated his 27th birthday this past week, remains atop the charts with NWTS. The album has fallen beneath a few new debuts on the Billboard 200, like Pearl Jam & Paul McCartney, but remains strong nonetheless at #4, down only one spot from last week. The rapper pushed 58,000 units off shelves, with a decrease in sales of 30%. His total sales are now at 947,000, getting close to 1 million.

2) Justin Timberlake— The 20/20 Experience, 2 of 2 : definitely isn’t doing as well as the first. The album falls a few spots this week, from #5 to #11. The LP sold another 35,000 units, dropping in sales by 52%. His total for The 20/20 Experience 2 is now at 455,000.

3) Pusha T—My Name Is My Name : Pusha T dropped 10 spots this week, after debuting at #4 last week the rapper now finds himself at #14. He pushed another 20k of MNIMN off shelves this week, bringing his total sales up to 95,000.

4) Mary J. Blige— A Mary Christmas : Yup, it’s only October, but Mary J. has already released her Christmas album, A Mary Christmas. The album debuted at #23 this past week, which isn’t too shabby. Mary sold 12,456 units opening week.

5) Robin Thicke— Blurred Lines : Robin Thicke’s album remained stagnant this past week, keeping the #27 spot on the Billboard 200, after 12 weeks of charting. The singer sold around 11k, with a drop of only 3% in sales.

6) Dom Kennedy— Get Home Safely : Dom Kennedy’s West Coast affair Get Home Safely made its Billboard 200 debut this past week, after dropping on October 15th. The album debuted at #29 selling 13,778 units opening week. Dom debuted at #4 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart though.

7) Jay Z— Magna Carta Holy Grail : MCHG has been charting for 15 weeks now. The album dropped ten spots since last week, now at #41. Hov sold another 8,000 units this week, bringing his total sales of the album up to 1,034,000.

8) 2 Chainz— B.O.A.T.S. II: #METime : Tity Boi’s new album sold another 7,000 units this week, coming in at #48 on the charts. That’s down from #37 last week. His total sales are now at 143,000.

9) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis—The Heist : These two are definitely making their way down the Billboard 200, but they haven’t fallen off quite yet. This week The Heist comes in at #51, selling 7,000 units this past week. Their grand tally is now 1,112,000.

10) Young Dro— High Times : Young Dro quietly dropped his new album High Times on October 15th. The album made its entrance on the Billboard 200 this week at #57. The Hustle Gang rapper only sold 6,000 units opening week, and nabbed a #13 on R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

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