Artist Spotlight: J.I.D (@SlickSixJid) – Para Tu


Artist J.I.D really surprised me with his performance at Soul Milk in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m talking non-stop head nod for the entire performance! I definitely had to do my research to figure out who this artist is; he’s from Spillage Village Records an Atlanta independent record label. His first project, Para Tu, was just released on October 22.

J.I.D is not what you think! He has been referred to as the lyrical Tasmanian, and I couldn’t agree more. J.I.D is lyrically spinning through these tracks. Did I mention he produces? I’m always looking for something different, something new, and I found that in Para Tu.

This is a solid project! I tend to listen to the variations in his voice on each track. As I’m listening, I can’t wait to see what the next song will bring. Very creative, this artist certainly painted his picture! This is definitely a project you have to listen for yourself to form your own interpretation. In my opinion, this project is a reflection of the culture of hip hop.

Here’s a small snippet of his performance “Creep Inspire.” Check out his debut album Para Tu.

J.I.D – Para Tu
Twitter: @SlickSixJid
Instagram: @SlickSixJid

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