A3C Fashion featuring: Kia Shine, Pill, DeLorean and More

Hey, hey, HEY THERE 1520 readers! It’s been a minute but I’m back like I never left. Not sure if you guys are hip but some of the 1520 crew was down in The A, that’s right A T L A N T A for A3C! The biggest Hip Hop festival known to our generation. The festival took place in some of the most popular areas in Atlanta. From Old 4th Ward to Little 5 Points. Downtown Atlanta to East Atlanta Village. There was love spread throughout the A for a whole five days. That’s right, FIVE DAYS! From October 2nd to the very last day October 6th. It was five days full of fun, laughter, hip hop, eats and love. It was amazing to see. As you all know I’m part of the Fashion Team with 1520, so you already know I was in heaven. All the clothing options that I seen on some of our brothers and sisters had me in complete awe. Here are some of my top picks from some people I ran into!

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