Kanye’s “Gone”…. Eight Years Later


Eight years after the release of Late Registration, “Gone” is now just receiving its light.  “Gone,” off of Kanye West’s sophomore album debuts on Billboard’s Hot 100 this week at No. 18, after a YouTube video of a girl quitting her job went viral.

Marina Shifrin, who was a producer for New Media Animation, resigned her position through an interpretive dance video, in which she explains her resignation. (Peep the video on the bottom.)  Since then, not only has she’s received offers on jobs, including a staff position at The Queen Latifah Show.

According to Billboard, “Gone” concurrently debuts on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs at No. 6 and Rap Songs at No. 4.  (Per Billboard policy, songs showing renewed activity past their initial release cycles are eligible to chart if ranking in the top half of the Hot 100 and genre hybrid rankings.)

No need for new rules huh?  Somethings are gone, but some will never be long “Gone.”

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